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The stakes are higher than ever for Inspector Gadget, his niece Penny and their dog, Brain. Will the clumsy detective “Go Go Gadget” his way to victory over Dr. Claw? Or will M.A.D finally triumph over HQ? Has Penny finally met her match in Dr. Claw’s handsome nephew, Talon? And can she take on the forces of M.A.D while keeping her uncle safe from himself? It won’t be easy! She’ll need all of her junior agent skills and a little help from her super-smart dog, Brain, if she’s going to succeed. MAD is more determined than ever to win and HQ is just as determined to stop them…even if Inspector Gadget still hasn’t got a clue.

TV Schedule


Tuesday, June 22

Do No Arm


Tuesday, June 22

Inspector Gadget Goes to Jail


Tuesday, June 22

Fate It Til You Make It


Tuesday, June 22

Once Upon a Screentime


Tuesday, June 22

The MADstache of Professor Coin

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