Zak Storm

Weekdays at 9:35am et

About The Show

While trying to win a surfing competition, Zak Storm gets swept away into the Bermuda Triangle – a place where anything can happen! There he meets new friends and finds a magical sword that transforms him into a fearless hero! Zak and his new friends encounter all sorts of danger while sailing the strange waters of the seven seas. Now Zak must learn about all the powers in his talking sword and lead his crew to defeat the evil Skullivar – the most powerful pirate that ever was!

TV Schedule


Saturday, January 18

Eye of the Cyclone


Sunday, January 19

The Last Flight of Icarus


Monday, January 20

Mutiny on the Demoniac


Tuesday, January 21

Call to Adventure


Wednesday, January 22

The Wiseman

All times et/pt