Voltron: Legendary Defender

Weekdays and Saturdays at 7pm ET.

About The Show

Pidge, Lance and Hunk are your average students attending Galaxy Garrison. When they notice falling objects from the sky, they decide to sneak off campus and check it out. They arrive to find Shiro, who’s been missing for a year, and Keith, who’s there to rescue Shiro. The five teenagers find the Blue Lion and get transported from Earth into the middle of a intergalactic war! Not only do they become the pilots for five robotic lions, but it is now their duty to protect the universe from evil aliens and their leader King Zakron. The flying robot lions unite to form the mighty warrior known as Voltron.

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Friday, January 21



Saturday, January 22

Changing of the Guard


Sunday, January 23

Red Paladin


Monday, January 24

Black Site


Tuesday, January 25

The Voltron Show!

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