Thunderbirds Are Go

Scott Tracy

Scott is the oldest Tracy brother. He pilots fast response Thunderbird 1. Bold, decisive and a little stubborn, Scott pressures himself into filling the very big shoes of his father.

Alan Tracy

Alan is the youngest member of the team and the most gifted pilot. He has almost super-human reflexes and uses them to pull off amazing feats of aerial acrobatics.

Virgil Tracy

Virgil Tracy is the commander of Thunderbird 2 – when specialized equipment needs to be in the action, Virgil gets it there.

Gordon Tracy

Gordon Tracy is the joker of the group and doesn’t take anything seriously, unless he’s in rescue mode.

John Tracy

John Tracy serves as traffic and dispatch from Thunderbird 5, International Rescue’s orbital space station. John is constantly on the look out for any situation that would require IR’s assistance.


Kayo is in charge of security for Tracy Island and International Rescue. She’s like family to the Tracy brothers, who treat her like a little sister – but she also has a dark, dangerous edge to her.


Brains designs and builds all of International Rescue’s vehicles and technology. He’s proven time and time again that if you can dream it, you can build it.

Lady Penelope

Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward lives a dual life. One is in the public eye of British high society – but the real Lady Penelope is a behind the scenes fixer for International Rescue.


Parker is Lady Penelope’s bodyguard and driver. Parker always refers to Lady Penelope as “m’lady.”

Grandma Tracy

Grandma Tracy is the heart and soul of the Tracy family and the matriarch of Tracy Island. She keeps everyone in line and is a perpetual source of wisdom and insight.

The Hood

The Hood is a master of disguise. His life’s mission is to steal and exploit cutting-edge technology. In a world built on science and engineering, the more he can control, the more powerful he will be.

Colonel Casey

Colonel Casey is the chief commanding officer of the Global Defence Force. Efficient and to the point, Casey was a friend of Jeff Tracy and is a true ally to International Rescue.

The Mechanic

The Mechanic is International Rescue’s toughest opponent yet. He is sleek and dangerous and his identity is masked. He also builds big machines designed to destroy and disrupt.