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Eli Shane

Eli is on a mission to beat the evil Dr. Blakk once and for all and bring peace and freedom to SLUGTERRA!


Burpy is not only Eli’s favorite slug, but also master strategist and leader of his army of slug buddies.

Kord Zane

Kord’s a cave troll who, with his favorite Rammstone slug Bludgeon, is a forced to be reckoned with.


Pronto is a proud and knowledgeable molenoid tracker, as well as a master slugslinger and adventurer, or at least that’s what he thinks.


Trixie’s always a bullseye but when it comes to battling or a slug-duel, but can also spot a smart strategy for the team.


Junjie grew up in the distant Eastern Caverns. He uses the ancient slugslinging art of Slug Fu to keep the Eastern Caverns safe.

Dr. Blakk

Dr. Blakk wants to controll all of Slugterra and destroy the magical slug energy with his dark science corrupted slugs.

Tad and Pieper

Tad is from The Surface and took a drop down to Slugterra with his slug Pieper who can emit soundwaves that hypnotize slugs.