Harvey Girls Forever!

Weekends at 10am ET!

About The Show

Every day life on Harvey Street feels like the best Saturday ever with never-ending games, a 42-flavor ice cream truck and the greatest climbing tree in town. Thanks to BFFs Audrey, Lotta, and Dot, Harvey Street is kept kid-ruled and adult-free for all the kids in town. They do whatever it takes – from creating an indestructible friendship bracelet to inventing a new holiday to fill the seemingly endless hours of a summer afternoon – to guarantee life is always great and Harvey Street is the best place to never grow up!

TV Schedule


Monday, September 21

Elder Skelter/A More Perfect Reunion


Tuesday, September 22

Clinging in the Rain/Raccoon Hoarder Picture Show


Wednesday, September 23

Pretty in Pinkeye/The Monsters are Due on Harvey Street


Thursday, September 24

Raiders of the Lost Park


Friday, September 25

Dottie Rocket/Weekend at Audrey's

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