Ghost Patrol

About The Show

Gabi and Spence are the best ghost-busters in their sleepy little town, even though they’re still in junior high. Sure, a lot of the time their cases turn out to be nothing more than a feral cat trapped in a closet, but they’ve seen a lot of stuff that Gabi’s older brother Marco, and Spence’s older sister Harper would never believe.

Because Marco and Harper don’t believe a single one of their little sibling’s extra-ordinary tales, they come up with a plan for the perfect prank – they anonymously hire the so-called “Ghost Patrol” to check out the town’s spooky old mansion, Geist Manor.

Little do any of them know that the legends about the old mansion are all true! The creaky house is home to one ghost in particular: Colonel Walter Geist, Esquire. His job is to keep the ghost conspiracy under wraps, and making sure that the truly bad ghouls don’t escape their containment – creatures called Phantasms, which cause people to live their worst fears.

While Harper and Marco are creeping through the house, one step ahead of their little siblings, Colonel Geist is doing everything he can to get those kids off his lawn. Unfortunately, things don’t go quite as anyone plans, and when Marco and Harper accidentally unleash the phantasms on the manor, it’s up to Gabi, Spence, Spooky and the Colonel to gear up and get bustin’ – before the phantasms escape to take on the world at large.