Air Marshall

Air Marshall is the referee of the Airena who annouces the start of challenges and makes sure no one breaks the rules.


The D.R.A.GON stands for Direct Response Aerial Gyrocopter and is armed with a flamethrower.This drone is unreliable, unpredictable and prone to malfunction mid-flights. When perfected, the technology is designed to act as a heavy duty WASP style attack drone, with more fire power.


W.A.S.P stands for Weaponised Assault Ship. These drones’ main function is to attack and patrol in the Airena. They are fast and agile and feared!


P.I.G stand for Personalised Interactive Gyrocopter. This drone is dismissive of everything on the ground, a joker and constantly gets in the way of action. When not causing trouble, his primary function is to demonstrate how challenges and games are contested.


G.U.A.R.D stands for Giant Unmanned Aerial Reconnaisance Drone. These drones are the largest in the Airena and their main function is to defend and patrol. They are slow, steady and persistent in fulfilling their programmed orders.