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Featured Movies

An elephant in the middle of three kids walking through a zoo entrance. There is a blue sky and green park in the background.


A large man with a big nose and long hair, a small boy and a female pirate standing in front of a field with a large beanstalk in the distance.

Jack and the Beanstalk: After Ever After

The Midnight Gang

Escape from Planet Earth

A group of monkeys, dressed in suits, are sitting in a red convertible car and flying through the clouds.

Monkey Up

A young girl and boy, dressed in business attire, are standing in front of two adults dressed like kids, in pyjamas and holding a teddy bear.

Opposite Day

Monsters vs. Aliens

A close-up of three men wearing black sunglasses, a white dress shirt and back suit.

Men in Black 3

A buff, bald man and two teenagers running away from a giant, green lizard.

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

A close up of a group of dogs, in various breeds, standing in front of microphones in front of a blue background. There is a large Pup Star logo on the right side.

Pup Star

Open Season

A close-up of a young boy with a surprised look on his face, in front of a light blue background.

Boy Genius