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Featured Movies

A young girl in a yellow coat, holding a magnifying glass leaning forward in front of a blue background.

Harriet the Spy

Two young girls hiding underneath a table in front of a bride, groom and a woman dressed in a black suit.

It Takes Two

A blonde girl holding a black cat sitting next to a stove with 3 cauldrons.

Sabrina: Friends Forever

A boy hang gliding through the air with a blue sky in the background.

Leo Da Vinci: Mission Mona Lisa

A bald man holding a basketball looking up at a cartoon pig character.

Space Jam

A skinny, blue alien wearing a blue cape is standing in front of a silver statue and a bright yellow background.


A group of people standing in water in front of a grey dolphin.

Dolphin Island

Four turtles peeking through a sewer cap in the middle of a city street.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

A male teenager wearing a black leather jacket and a red backpack in front of a white background.

17 Again

A middle aged man, wearing blue leggings and a red cape, is jumping up in the air with his arms wide open. There is a blue sky behind him.

Nacho Libre

An elephant in the middle of three kids walking through a zoo entrance. There is a blue sky and green park in the background.


A grandfather sitting in a wheelchair with his grandson standing in front of him. There are trees and green grass in the background.

Grandpa's Great Escape

Three kids with injuries sitting on a hospital bed and a young girl sitting in a wheelchair with a cast on her arm and leg.

The Midnight Gang

Daphne and Velma

A man, wearing a dirty, white shirt and black sunglasses is holding a rat by the tail. In the background is a dirty food truck and two women in messy clothes.


A girl, wearing a yellow soccer jersey and holding a soccer ball, is standing in the middle of another girl and a guy wearing red soccer jerseys.

Back of the Net

A close up of a group of dogs, in various breeds, standing in front of microphones in front of a blue background. There is a large Pup Star logo on the right side.

Pup Star

Open Season