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Featured Movies

A big panda holding his fists up, surrounded by smaller animals in front of a bright red and yellow background.

Kung Fu Panda

Two adult men wearing suits standing on a VHS tape and flying through the air in front of a green background and tall buildings.

Be Kind Rewind

Spy Kids

Snow Day

The Midnight Gang

Escape from Planet Earth

A young girl sitting on the back of a polar bear wearing a gold suit, in front of a light blue background with a large, gold compass.

Golden Compass

Monsters vs. Aliens

A confused looking black bull surrounded by kitchen cups and plates.


A young boy and girl standing behind a cliff looking off into the distance, in front of a bright frames in the background.

Spy Kids 2

Open Season

A close-up of a man wearing a black suit and helmet, exposing a serious expression on his face.